• 10 Summer Promotion Ideas for Small Business

10 Summer Promotion Ideas for Small Business

While marketing campaigns change by the season, summer lends itself to fun opportunities to offer your customers the best deals and discounts. During the warm weather, your foot traffic may be at its highest, and it’s important to capitalize on that as the weeks go on and the temperatures rise.

Differentiating yourself during the summer months with strong promotional ideas for your small business will help keep your sales high, even when other businesses may be experiencing challenges. Here are 10 summer promotion ideas for your small business.

PS- For promotion ideas for every month of the year, download our full (free) marketing calendar here.

10 Summer Promotion Ideas for Small Business

10 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business this Summer

1. Release a New Product or Service

Releasing a new product or service to celebrate the summer season to attract a new audience is an exciting summer promotion idea. By aligning the launch of a collection with the first day of summer, and by making your new products or services seasonally themed, you can draw in both tourists and locals. Beach printed bags, tropical wrapping paper, or ice cream cone shaped cards are all fun ways to excite your guests.

2. Throw A Summer Solstice Party

Summer is an exciting season to celebrate—the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, the drinks get colder, and people want to celebrate! The first day of summer, also known as the summer solstice, is a perfect time of year to throw a party.

Offering free sips and bites, a beach-themed photobooth, or a small inflatable pool filled with goodies at your party is a great way to entice your audience to shop at your small business. Run a giveaway at your party with free products or services—bonus if it’s a new product or service!

3. Have a Sidewalk Sale

If you have a brick and mortar location, sidewalk sales are a fun and unique way to attract customers who may not have otherwise stopped into your store. A sidewalk sale is an event where your goods are displayed just outside your brick and mortar location to make those walking past stop and look, and hopefully make a purchase. A summer sidewalk sale is even more effective if your items are seasonally themed! Sidewalk sales can work for almost any industry, from retail to spa, as long as you display your most attractive and eye-catching items.

4. Offer Cool Beverages

A low-cost way to drive foot traffic to your brick and mortar location is by offering a free drink dispenser inside your store. Free beverages will increase goodwill among your guests and draw an audience that may not have otherwise entered your store. By providing iced tea, cucumber water, or lemonade, free of charge, you will attract new customers and drive sales.

5. Host a Summer Pop-Up

Another fun summer promotion idea is a pop-up store. A pop-up store can be held almost anywhere, whether you are on the boardwalk or at a farmers market, and can attract a new audience from your standard clientele. A summer pop-up will help to get your name known within the local community and among tourists.

6. Run an Instagram Giveaway

Summer lends itself to interesting trips and adventures, so why not give your customers a chance to show off those fun vacations? Hosting a giveaway for your fans will drive traffic to your social pages and increase brand awareness in a low maintenance way.

In order to enter, ask your followers to post a photo of a recent vacation they went on, chose a specific branded hashtag to track entries, and have them tag your business in the photo. Make sure to specify how you will be choosing a winner, the prize, and the dates of the giveaway. For more information on running an Instagram giveaway, check out our blog post here.

7. Have a Seasonal Sale

While many associate sales with the retail industry, a seasonal sale is a great summer promotion idea for any small business, from accountants to landscapers. Offering a discount during the summer months will help draw in new clients, retain old ones, and help spread positive brand awareness. Offering a summer referral program, where an existing customer gets a free or discounted service when they refer a new customer, is another way to incentivize your current customers to speak highly of you and get their friends to purchase from you as well.

8. Offer Free Sunglasses

Whether you have a brick and mortar store location or just a website for your small business, sunglasses are a great gift with purchase that almost everyone uses during the summer months! Sunglasses are an ideal freebie because they are lightweight, low-cost, and can be easily branded with your logo or company. By offering branded sunglasses with any purchase, you are not only incentivizing your audience to buy, you are also getting free word of mouth marketing and brand awareness as the customer wears them.

9. Run Temperature-Based Deals

Customers always enjoy an activity where they can win prizes or coupons, and the weather makes for a perfect opportunity! Select a day where the weather is historically unreliable and offer a free gift with purchase if it reaches over a certain degree that day. For example, if it usually is only about 70 degrees in May where you are located, offer a free gift with purchase if it reaches over 75! This will increase foot traffic if you have a brick and mortar location, and can drive online sales if you offer the same promotion on your website.

10. Have a Back-To-School Sale

While the school year may seem far away, many parents start preparing months in advance. Throwing a back-to-school sale is an effective summer promotional strategy for any industry, and will attract anyone looking to save some money. Offering additional discounts for educators and students will also drive your sales.

Summer is a perfect time of year to capitalize on the warm weather and influx of tourists! Use these 10 promotion ideas for your small business to help drive sales and increase brand awareness throughout the season.


For more seasonal marketing ideas, download our full marketing calendar below:

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