• 10 Reasons to Use Live Chat

10 Reasons to Use Live ChatPeople love shopping at home these days. Rather than hunting for a parking space, fighting the crowds, or going in and out of multiple stores, they can enjoy the comfort of their own home, sitting on their couch. Similarly, live chat is another channel through which prospective customers can achieve their goals with less hassle. Yet live chat is not just beneficial to consumers. This real-time tool provides businesses with ample engagement opportunities, from marketing to support, that improves the overall customer experience and captures more sales. Here are 10 compelling reasons to implement this excellent tool in your business.

1. Live Chat is Convenient

When a customer is browsing on your business website, they do not have to make a phone call, wait on hold, or send an email and wait a few days for a response. They can either initiate the chat session on their own or be prompted by a pop-up from your agent. They are already on their computer, already on your site. Not only are waiting times in queue greatly reduced, but the speed of resolution is greatly increased as well. Live chat is the easiest and quickest way to make that connection with your customer.

2. Engagement is More Personal

Another great reason to use live chat is because it facilitates more personalized interaction with your audience. Live chat is like texting with a friend. The customer has chosen to engage in this more casual dialogue and is thus more inclined to share exactly what they are looking for or what questions they have.

This form of communication feels less scripted than most call centers or automated support systems. With more transparent communication, the agent on the other end can better assist the user and represent your business in the best light.

3. You Can Seize the Moment

Strike while the iron is hot! Not warm, cool, or even worse: cold. If a user is browsing your site, they are most likely interested in your product or services. Live chat allows you to take advantage of that exact moment of interest—not the minutes (or hours or days) following it.

4. Live Chat Cuts Costs

Efficiency is another reason to use live chat, as it can greatly reduce customer support expenses and lower average interaction costs. Agents in a call center can only talk to one person at a time, but live chat agents can handle multiple clients simultaneously as well as multitask other aspects of their support or sales role.

Keep in mind that live chat allows the customer to multitask as well. This way, taking a phone call or tending to something happening in their house does not end the engagement with your business.

5. Targeting and Customization

The specificity of live chat provides yet another great reason to use it for your business. You can choose to have the live chat feature only be active on certain pages of your website, or to only invite the visitor to chat after a certain amount of time.

You could even have different team members monitor the chat on certain pages. This is particularly beneficial if your industry requires more highly specialized responses or if you are dealing with a wide range of topics or products.

6. You Will Gain Insights

Engaging in live chat with your website visitors and potential customers will help you identify and understand their pain points. This can allow your business to continually improve your products or service offerings to more specifically address the needs of your target audience. You can also view the scripts from prior conversations, which make great training tools.

7. It’s Profitable

Having an agent ready to initiate a conversation or to personally respond to any concern a user has will help to keep them moving through the decision-making process. Prospects may no longer feel like they need to do additional research or compare a competitor’s product or service. Responding immediately to questions or concerns while prospects are in a buying frame of mind can reduce bounces from your website and drive sales.

Agents can also be trained to see opportunities to upsell customers or make other suggestions in a no-pressure manner.

8. Become the Go-To for Your Audience

The average question on live chat can be answered in 48 seconds. With sites that have live chat capabilities, customers can get all of their questions and concerns addressed without long hold times, transfers or escalations.

In the future, customers will know that instead of just “Googling’ for an answer, they can just come back directly to you for that conversation and get the information they need straight from the source. This creates a more integrated and complete customer experience that you can impact. It also drives more traffic to your website, which can help with your SEO.

9. Break Down Language Barriers

Live chat is great for team members and customers whose first language may not be English. You can offer chat in other languages if needed, but it is easier to communicate in any language in writing than it is via the spoken word. Plus, more people now prefer chat over phone calls. Think about the way most people communicate with their friends and family every day: Mostly quick text messages and phone calls only if they absolutely have to do so.

10. Get that Competitive Edge

Having a live chat team to respond to customers will most certainly give you a competitive edge. Think of these agents as the front-line soldiers in the battle for the hearts and wallets of your customers. In one study, 38% of customers who bought products from e-commerce sites that utilize live chat did so because of the additional information or confidence they gained during the interaction to make their buying decision. Overall chat respondents drop more shopping online as a whole and spend more money as well.

Live chat has now gone completely mainstream and is an expected feature by most savvy online shoppers. Make sure that your business gives your customers the immediate and personal customer experience that will keep them coming back again and again!

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