• 10 GIFs Every Small Business Owner Can Relate To

10 GIFs Every Small Business Owner Can Relate To (1)

Small businesses are the backbone of America, transforming the workforce one sleepless night at a time. While starting your own small business can be incredibly rewarding, it can also come with some challenges that may throw you for a loop. Being an entrepreneur means taking risks, working hectic hours, and committing to the success of your business. The best part is, you’re not alone. Almost all business owners can appreciate the unique struggles that you face. Here are 10 GIFs every small business owner will relate to, and will hopefully put a smile on your face.

10 GIFs Every Small Business Owner Can Relate To

1. When You Tell People You’re Tired, It’s An Understatement


Usually when people say “I’m tired”, they mean they didn’t get a good night’s sleep—but when you’re a small business owner, you can’t even remember what that feels like. Whether you are staying up late counting dollars instead of sheep, or trying to do one last inventory check, long hours come with the territory.

2. When You Get Your First Customer Referral


There is no higher praise than a referral from a client. When you provide a superior product or a service, your customers will be racing to tell their friends about your small business. Word of mouth marketing is valuable to a new small business, as it is completely free and cements your place within the community. Offering an incentive program or loyalty reward can also help to generate additional brand awareness and create repeat customers. Besides—the lifetime value of a referred customer is 16% higher than a non-referred one. (Source: Referral Sasquatch)

3. When Sales Skyrocket, So Do Your Spirits


Sales can fluctuate year-round due to a variety of factors, but there is no better feeling than seeing your sales soar! Whether you’re making your first $1 or $1000, there’s always a feeling of excitement when your hard work pays off.

4. When Someone Asks You If You’re Free “After Work”


You mean after you get out of work? Because every small business owner knows that our day ends sometime between dusk and 1am after you’ve finally eaten dinner.

5. When You Finally Take A Day Off


For a small business owner, your vacation days are few and far between. That means that while you’re scrolling through Instagram Stories, watching others sip sangria on the beach, you may be slaving away on your 10th excel sheet of the morning. But when you finally do get a day to yourself, there is nothing more luxurious than some precious alone time.

6. When You Make Your First Big Mistake


When you first open your small business, there’s bound to be a steep learning curve, and while mistakes are part of starting out, it can still be upsetting to make your first large error. But have no fear—everyone makes them. As Henry Ford once said, “[T]he only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

7. When You Meet Another Small Business Owner


Being a small business owner can be rewarding and exciting, but can also be lonely. Whether you meet at a networking event, a community meetup, or a conference, it’s always exciting to meet others with your same values and vision. Make sure to stay friendly and connected within your local community—you never know who may be able to help you down the road.

8. When You Get Your First Negative Review


Even the best of us get negative reviews from time to time, whether it’s justifiable or not. It’s never easy to swallow your pride to try and acknowledge negative feedback, but it’s important to separate your personal feelings from a business relationship. Always be sure to reach out when you get a negative online review and try and better the situation.

9. When You’re Swamped With Work


Everyone gets bogged down sometimes, but when you’re a small business owner, it’s a completely different story. You’re not just doing one person’s work—you’re wearing 10 hats at once, trying to balance salaries, delegate tasks, assign projects, and have a personal life. Sometimes it feels like it never ends!

10. When It’s Been A Long, Long, LONG Day


Pop that bottle, friend. You deserve it.


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