• 10 Email Marketing Ideas for Business

Email Marketing Ideas

As long as email has been around, it’s still relevant today and proves to be one of the best marketing channels for reaching your target audience. No matter who your demographic is or what kind of product or service you’re selling, (almost) everyone has an email account. When looking at email marketing from a customer acquisition standpoint, it’s been found to be 40 times more effective than both Facebook and Twitter [Source: McKinsey].

All of that being said, as the consumer market continues to evolve, so too do effective email marketing tactics. With more emails being sent than ever before, you need to use innovative strategies and ideas to stand out. In this article, we’re going to cover 10 email marketing ideas that you can use to better reach your audience and boost conversions across the board.

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Email Marketing Ideas

Try These 10 Effective Email Marketing Ideas

1. Recommended For You

This type of email is a form of personalized marketing, telling recipients that the email contains a list of items or content that was picked out just for them. They also show the recipient that you care about their interests on a personal level, helping to foster a trusting relationship with readers. By putting select products or pieces of content in front of them in this manner, you’re creating another conversion opportunity without being too pushy about it.

2. Best Blog Posts of the Month

As busy as day to day life can get, your target consumers may not have the time (or desire) to sift through your blog, looking for the posts they want to read most. These types of emails do all of the leg work for them by delivering your best performing blog posts each month right to their inbox. This is also a great way to direct users to the top of your sales funnel, guiding them to your content pieces that are designed to elicit a response of some kind.

3. Check-Ins

Whether it’s a product or a service that you sell, customers like it when you touch base with them after they’ve made a purchase. This creates another contact point and shows customers that you haven’t forgotten about them once they spend money. The better their experience, the more likely they are to refer friends and family. To accomplish this, check in and see how their experience was or how satisfied they are with a product, remind them about your support team that can answer any questions, and make sure they’re aware of all the features that come included with any service they bought.

Checking in with your customers is a great way to stay in touch with them but also creates potential opportunities to get customer reviews.

4. Daily Deals

Everyone likes to get a deal, so make things more enticing by sending special “flash sales” right to the inboxes of your audience. These emails give readers the experience of an exclusive, limited time deal as a reward for simply being on your mailing list. If you feel that a daily email would overwhelm your reader base, adjust it to your liking. Maybe send a weekly or monthly deal instead to make the sale feel even more limited.

5. Utilize Video Content

As increasing number of people are looking to video content as a more convenient way to consume information instead of reading. In fact, in 2017, 74% of all internet traffic was accounted for by video content [Source: KPBC]. By peppering videos into your email campaigns, you’ll be able to better engage with your reader base. Even just including the word “video” in the subject line of an email can boost open rates by 19% and CTR by 65% [Source: Animoto].

6. Last Chance Emails

By nature, most people are procrastinators, especially when it comes to taking any form of action that requires them to spend money or commit to something. These emails are perfect for starting the countdown and tapping into that FOMO (fear of missing out) mentality by using last chance emails for discount codes, RSVPs, webinar registration, and special savings. Just remember to use them sparingly so they keep their appeal.

7. Letter From the CEO

People like to feel important. Just like with the check-ins and recommended for you strategies, this helps to represent your brand as a caring company that values each and every customer. Whether you want to go over updates, specials, or simply thank your customers, these types of emails build trust, loyalty, and authority with your reader base.

8. Sneak Peek Emails

People enjoy feeling like they’re getting a special preview of something that not everyone knows about. Whether it’s an upcoming sale, a new product roll-out, or even a free webinar, these types of emails are great for building excitement and anticipation in your audience. Not only can they lead to a more active reader base, but they also increase brand awareness. Make it feel exclusive and be sure to include a CTA in there that inspires your readers to share the email with friends and family or via social media.

9. Top Sellers

Consumers like to buy products that have a proven track record of other satisfied users. They also like to buy what they feel is popular or “in”, which you can create by pushing your top selling products or services. This is a powerful way to highlight either the items that you have the best margins on, or the services you’re trying to push most. At the same time, it also creates an opportunity to justify the purchase for some of your customers that may be on the fence.

10. Seasonal Promotions

Even if your business isn’t seasonal, you can utilize this kind of email to increase engagement and change things up. Consider the seasonal changes your customers care about and structure email content around those topics by running special promotions and deals on products or services you offer. It’s also a good idea to create themed email campaigns that stand out and feel different from the rest of your emails.


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